Chet Robert Hesse

717 South Exective CHEF ROBERT HESSE, a product of Pinellas County foster care system, being raised in the streets of Childs Park Saint Petersburg, knows his fare share of hard knocks. After battles with addiction and prison, Chef Robert found his way to NEW YORK CITY for a reset and into kitchens as a dishwasher in his late teens working under a prominent chef knowing his life would change forever. The next five years, he worked his way to a GED and a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, where he then embarked on a culinary pilgrimage working 36 states and four countries before the age of 28. He returned to New York and was named the Executive Chef at Georgica Restaurant in East Hampton Long Island, with owner Jay z. A bottle service Night club / restaurant He was awarded 4 stars from the New York Times as the youngest chef to receive such honors. This caught the attention of Chef Gordon Ramsay where he invited Chef Robert to be on Fox TVs Hells Kitchen after 3 consecutive seasons and overall fan favorite chef Robert embarked a journey being on multiple Food Network and celebrity Chef to athletes and celebrities. While continuing working under Chef Ramsay at multiple restaurants.  Chef Robert continued his career as the youngest corporate executive chef for Eldorado Casino in Reno Nevada, which led his stint as an exclusive chef at the famed Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles Ca. He then returned home to Tampa.